Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Hall Cleaning Services Ltd is required by law to publish an annual gender pay gap report.

This is its report for the snapshot date of 5th April 2019:

  • The mean gender pay gap for Hall Cleaning Services is 2.7%
  • The median gender pay gap for Hall Cleaning Services is 0.0%
  • the only bonuses paid for the snapshot reporting period are in relation to remuneration of the directors of the Company and were paid in equal amount to equal numbers of males and females.

Gender Pay Gap Quartiles at 5th April 2019

A19.23%80.77%hourly rate places them at or below the lower quartile
B19.23%80.77%hourly rate places them above the lower quartile but at or below  the median
C19.23%80.77%hourly rate places them above the median but at or below the upper quartile
D19.23%83.77%hourly rate places them above the upper quartile
The ratio of male employees to female employees is 1:4.2 (that is there are more than 4 times as many women as there are men) employed by the Company.

Comparison with last years reported figure

The Mean Pay Gap has dropped from last years 2.7% to 0.2% because the Statutory Minimum Wage Rate has caught up with the wage rate of those who transferred into the Company in 2018 under  the Transfer of Undertaking (Protection of Employment Regulations (T.U.P.E.) who at that time had a significantly higher proportion of males that is the Company’s average and these transferred employees average wage rate was higher than the Company norm.

What are the underlying causes of Hall Cleaning Services’ overall gender pay gap?

Under the law, men and women must receive equal pay for:

  • the same or broadly similar work;
  • work rated as equivalent under a job evaluation scheme; or
  • work of equal value.

Hall Cleaning Services has, since it setting up in 1981, always been committed to the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment for all employees, regardless of sex, race, religion or belief, age, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, sexual orientation, gender reassignment or disability. It has a clear policy of paying employees equally for the same or equivalent work, regardless of their sex (or any other characteristic set out above). As such, it:

  • carries out pay and benefits audits at regular intervals;
  • provides regular equal pay training for all managers and other staff members who are involved in pay reviews; and
  • evaluates job roles and pay grades as necessary to ensure a fair structure.

Hall Cleaning Services is therefore confident that its gender pay gap does not stem from paying men and women differently for the same or equivalent work. The small gender pay gap is the result of the roles in which men and women work within the organisation and the salaries that these roles attract.

Across the UK economy as a whole, men are more likely than women to be in senior roles (especially very senior roles at the top of organisations), while women are more likely than men to be in front-line roles at the lower end of the organisation. In addition, men are more likely to be in technical and IT-related roles, which attract higher rates of pay than other roles at similar levels of seniority. Women are also more likely than men to have had breaks from work that have affected their career progression, for example to bring up children. They are also more likely to work part time, and many of the jobs that are available across the UK on a part-time basis are relatively low paid.

This pattern from the UK economy as a whole is reflected in the make-up of Hall Cleaning Services’ workforce, where the majority of front-line cleaners are women, but both genders are paid equally.

How does Hall Cleaning Services’ gender pay gap compare with that of other organisations?

The vast majority of organisations have a gender pay gap, and we are pleased to be able to say that Hall Cleaning Services’ gap compares favourably with that of other organisations, including those within our industry.

The mean gender pay gap for the whole economy (according to the October 2017 Office for National Statistics (ONS) Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) figures[1]) is 17.4%, while in the administrative and support services sector it is 8.7%. At 2.7%, Hall Cleaning Services’ mean gender pay gap is, therefore, significantly lower than both that for the whole economy and that for our sector.

The median gender pay gap for the whole economy (according to the October 2017 ONS ASHE figures[1]) is 18.4%, while in the administrative and support services sector it is 8.7%. At 0.0%, Hall Cleaning Services’ median gender pay gap shows that this gap is at the best position possible with no overall difference between male and female and is significantly lower than both that for the whole economy and that for our sector.

While Hall Cleaning Services’ gender pay gap compares favourably with that of organisations both across the whole UK economy and within the administrative and support services sector, this is not a subject about which Hall Cleaning Services is complacent, and it is committed to doing everything that to maintain this low the gap. However, Hall Cleaning Services also recognises that its scope to act is limited in some areas – it has, for example, no direct control over the subjects that individuals choose to study or the career choices that they make, nor direct control of rates of pay of employees who may transfer into our employment under a Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employ) Regulations situation.

To date, the steps that Hall Cleaning Services has taken to promote gender diversity in all areas of its workforce include the following:

Creating an evidence base: To identify any barriers to gender equality and inform priorities for action, in 2017 Hall Cleaning Services introduced gender monitoring to understand:

  • the proportions of men and women applying for jobs and being recruited;
  • the proportions of men and women applying for and obtaining promotions;
  • the proportions of men and women leaving the organisation and their reasons for leaving;
  • the numbers of men and women in each role and pay band.

Hall Cleaning Services remains committed to maintaining its low pay gap in the future.

I, Allan Ashurst, Technical Director, confirm that the information in this statement is accurate. Dated 26th January 2018.

[1] the ONS ASHE figures will be updated when the 2018 report becomes available.